Big Pitches can Change your Perspective

  We are on the other side of a big pitch.  Last week we spoke to a rather large media company about a project that in no small part, asks them to bite the hand that feeds them.  Big Media is an easy target, for good reason but, that does not mean the whole of a company can be described …

Passion as Business Plan

  Adam and I often talk about what we want RPD to be.   We constantly survey the projects we are doing and calibrate the projects we are developing.   Its a healthy exercise I think and, with our relative size offering us much flexibility, there is little downside.  As we enter our 5th year of existence a few truisms have become …

Ridge Reaper Reserve

Ridge Reaper Reserve has been going great! Here is week 6 one of our favorites! Ridge Reaper Reserve Episode 6 from Red Point Digital on Vimeo. Check out Under Armour Hunt for the entire series!

Red Epic takes flight

First test flight with Paul Saunders and his Helicopter with the Red Epic!Footage to come shortly!

Ridge Reaper Season 2 Starts filming

Season 2 is in production and we are more than excited about the footage we have captured.  by the writing we will have had 2 Yukon hunts, A New Mexico, Nevada, and 4 Utah Hunts.    The animals the guys are harvesting are unbelievable and the stories of the harvest are even more so.  The pic here is of the …