In 1975 the late rock climber and renowned photographer, Kurt Albert, who in his native Frankenjura Germany, painted his first red circle on a climbing route called “Adolf Rott Ged. -Weg (5.10a)”, on Streitberger Schild, in order to indicate he had free climbed (without rope but with exquisite preparation) every move. Hence the term rotpunkt, or “red point”

“Red Point”, is a term we borrowed from the world of rock climbing.¬†For us it means to study and thoroughly prepare before we film a project so that all that is unnecessary can be stripped away and nothing is left but the perfect execution using exactly what is needed and nothing more.

Red Point Digital are artists and craftsmen whose medium is the moving image. There is no set template for your production. We listen to and understand your needs first then script and design a project with your unique goals and needs in mind.

We provide the complete production experience from concept to final delivery with our talented core team and our carefully chosen network of freelance artists.